A Sheep in Wolves Clothing

For the 2013 Global Game Jam the theme was the sound of a heart beat. From there the 5 of us came up with the title A Sheep in Wolves Clothing. The back story behind the game was that the world is slowly dying and running out of energy. The fossil fuel we depended on have all been used up. One lone scientist has the answer for the energy shortage but it comes at a price. He has developed the technology to gather energy from living tissue of human hearts. 



The UAT 2013 fall game jam's theme was immortality. The game that six of us worked on was a game that moves away from typical interpretation of biological beings being immortal, and instead focuses on the struggle for balance never dying: Qi. The idea behind the game came from our understand of physics that energy is never truly lost.  Qi is a open world game that Players must explore to complete the objective of restarting the world. You play as a single molecule trying to gather enough light energy to restart life. The darkness wants to stop you from doing this and will block the player from collecting the light. My role in the jam was the player and enemy sound effects. I also assisted with the voice over recording. 



UAT had its 30th anniversary and to celebrate it held a game jam. The theme of the jam was “Let the games be heard”. The back story to the game was the player crash landed their ship and had only a limited amount of time to escape. The monsters that were in containment have gotten out. There was no combat and to get around them you needed to use your voice to mimic another monster to either frighten or distract the monster blocking your way. My contribution to the project was to make sound effects and I tried my hand at composing. The creatures that we had came in small medium and large. I used a variety of sound sources like an alligator hiss pitched down with a bit of dog growls for the large enemy to using my own voice for the small enemies. Each enemy needs sounds for its idle state, alert state, and attack state.