Alchemica is a puzzle-strategy Unity based game for Android and iOS. Gameplay consists of the collection and use of herbs in order to cast spells used to get past enemies and other obstacles. How the herbs are used is to up to the player, dynamically changing game play through the player’s perspective. There are two herbs which are used to make spells, and each spells requires a different combination of these herbs to increase the strategy needed by the player to complete a level. Players don’t fight or kill the monsters, instead the player uses their wit and knowledge of alchemy to create spells to otherwise confuse and avoid enemies.

"Things are not safe outside Atu’s village, and he needs your help to guide him thru the jungle! The boy lacks physical strength and would have no chance of taking on the hungry predators... if it weren't for his magic! With his knowledge of alchemy, Atu can outwit the monsters that wish to make him dinner. Tap the screen and guide Atu as he distracts enemies, builds walls to trap them, climbs across the jungle canopy, and does everything in his power to get safely through the jungle!"